Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many people, a chance to gain a new freedom to go where they want. Knowing the rules of the road and understanding how to drive safely and responsibly can make the experience safe and enjoyable. Gaining the necessary knowledge through MTO approved Beginner Driver Education course can help learners succeed.
The pandemic has changed many aspects of life, but not the need for learning how to drive. In a time like this, however, studying from home can be a good way to stay safe. The Trubicars MTO approved e-learning curriculum can help give students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for operating a vehicle safely. This highly interactive course can help students achieve success as they learn how to become qualified drivers who can safely handle whatever conditions they encounter.

We offer Trubicars ( ) online BDE course.

6ix Driving School

Course Structure

The Trubicars driver instruction course gives participants the opportunity to interact on multiple levels. Practice activities that have been integrated into the course include many scenario-based questions and activities that help to reinforce the material while improving retention of the information.
  • Learning through Trubicars online course gives students a full year of access to a course approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.
  • Highly interactive slides, activities, and videos are central to the learning.
  • Students can learn at their own pace, working from the comfort of their own homes, schools, work, or anywhere, at any time of the day or night.
  • Course support is also available each day between 8 am and 10 pm.

This course is broken into three sections:

  • 20 hours of online theory,
  • 10 hours of digital instructions/homelinks,
  • 10 hours of private in-vehicle lessons.

In total, students should expect to spend a minimum of 40 hours on the MTO BDE certification.


  • Our course code of conduct
  • Course introduction
6ix Driving School

Course Session

Rules of the Road

  • Importance of traffic laws and regulations
  • Traffic control devices
  • Quiz

The Vehicle and its Components

  • Basic Vehicle components
  • Pre-Trip checks circle checks
  • Quiz

Vehicle Handling

  • Safe and responsible vehicle control
  • Safe and responsible handling of the vehicle under various conditions
  • Collision avoidance and basic manoeuvres
  • Principles of skid control and slide control
  • Quiz

Driver Behaviour

  • Adjusting driving behaviour for different driving conditions
  • Control over emotions
  • Positive driving attitudes and behaviours
  • Responsible and informed decision marking
  • Quiz

Respect and Responsiblity

  • Safe and responsible response to emergency situations
  • Leadership in promoting safe driving
  • Environmentally conscious and efficient driving behaviour
  • Lifelong learning approach to driving
  • Module quiz

Sharing The Road

  • Co-operative driving
  • Appropriate communication with other road users
  • Quiz


  • Safe and responsible actions related to impaired driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Managing attention
  • Quiz

Perception and Risk Management

  • Safe and proper observation skills
  • Accurate perception of personal limits, abilities and risk tolerance
  • Accurate risk perception
  • Recognition and avoidance of common collision situations
  • Potential hazards of driving and effective responses
  • Effective decision marking to ensure safe driving
  • Driving actions to minimize risk
  • Quiz

Final Exam

The exam is a total of 35 questions and you must obtain a 70% or higher score to pass the course as per the BDE  MTO Standards. You have 3 attempts to pass the final exam.